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Healing Music

Music For Healing Top PickMusic For Healing - Stephen Rhodes, 1994, $14.22

This is great music to relax to as well as something you could do Reiki to.

Sacred Music Sacred Music, Sacred Dance for Planetary Healing - Tibetan Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery, 1992, $12.99

Compassion Compassion: Music for the Healing Arts - Peter Kater, 1999, $13.49

Heart of Reiki - Merlin's Magic, 1997, $14.22

Reiki: The Light Touch - Merlin's Magic, 1995, $14.22

First Love First Love - Stephen Rhodes, 1997, $13.27

Angel Love Angel Love - Aeoliah, 1998, $14.99

Inner Peace Inner Peace - Stephen Halpem, 1994, $13.99

Celtic Sounds

Paint the Sky With Stars Top PickPaint the Sky With Stars: The Best of Enya - Enya, 1997, $13.99

If you own nothing else by Enya, this is the one to buy. It gives samples of her best work and it just wonderful!

Shepherd Moons Shepherd Moons - Enya, 1991, $13.99

The Celts The Celts - Enya, 1995, $13.99

Watermark Watermark - Enya, 1991, $13.99

St. Patrick's MassTop Pick St. Patrick's Mass - Phillip Green, 1993, $14.99

A wonderfully Irish version of the Catholic Mass, sung by a priest, no less! More entertaining and elegant than you'd ever hear on a typical Sunday. This is a mass in the "performance style."

Hourglass Hourglass - Kate Rusby, 1998, $12.99

The Book of Secrets The Book of Secrets - Loreena McKennitt, 1997, $11.88

Celtic Classics Celtic Classics - Shanon, 1995, $12.32

Celtic Twilight - Various Artists, 1994, $12.99


Love Songs Love Songs - Yanni, 1999, $11.49

Anthology of Bread Anthology of Bread - Bread, 1987, $12.99

Includes the classic love anthems, "Everything I Own," "Baby I'm-A Want You," and "Make It With You."

Greatest Hits, Vol 3 Greatest Hits, 1982 - 1989 - Chicago, 1989, $13.99

A convenient format to get some of the best love songs of the 80's. Songs like: "Hard to Say I'm Sorry," "Stay the Night," and "You're the Inspiration"

Sensual Classics Sensual Classics - Rachmaninov, et. al., 1993, $14.99

Classic music with an erotic flair! Includes, of course,  Ravel's "Bolero." (Remember that movie?) :)

When Love is Found When Love is Found - Jeanne Cotter, David Haas, 1996, $13.99

A collection of liturgical wedding music by Jeanne and David in their more loving days. "Wherever You Go" is an enchanting rendition of the Song of Songs.

Portrait Portrait: The Music of Dan Fogelberg - Dan Fogelberg, 1997, $49.47

4 CD's packed with just about everything Dan has done. A great anthology to have. Worth every penny.

Soothing Moments from Nature

Thunderstorm Thunderstorm - Various Artists, 1993, $3.77

Pachebel Ocean Pachebel Ocean - Nature & Music (Northsound Series), 1995, $13.49

Distant Shores - Wind Machine, 1998, $14.22

Distant Shores: Relaxation & Meditation with Music & Nature - David Miles Huber, 1993, $3.77

Morning Songbirds Morning Songbirds - Echoes of Nature (Laserlight Series), 1993, $3.77

Ocean Waves Ocean Waves - Echoes of Nature (Laserlight Series), 1993, $3.77

Frog Chorus Frog Chorus: The Natural Sounds of the Wilderness - Echoes of Nature (Laserlight Series), 1993, $3.77

Four Seasons Vivaldi: Four Seasons with Nature - A. Vivaldi (Northsound), 1996, $13.49

Dancing on a Cloud

Substance Substance 1987 - New Order, 1987, $22.47

Savage Garden Savage Garden - Savage Garden, 1997, $13.99

Cowboy Cowboy - Erasure, 1997, $11.49

Chorus Chorus - Erasure, 1991, $11.49

Erasure Erasure - Erasure, 1995, $11.49

Soul Stirring

City of Angels City of Angels - Soundtrack from the motion picture, 1998, $13.99

The movie wasn't great, but this music makes up for the bad acting.

What Dreams May Come What Dreams May Come - Soundtrack from the motion picture, 1998, $13.99

Music to dream to... Ethereal and deep.

Spirit Wind Spirit Wind - David Arkenstone, 1997, $13.99

Light-hearted New Age with a Native American feel.

Conversations with GodConversations with God: A Windham Hill Collection, Disc 1 - Various Artists 1997, $12.99

Reaches deep into your soul and speaks volumes...the music is well-chosen, beautiful, and compliments the book well.

Conversations with God, Disc 2 Conversations with God: A Windham Hill Collection, Disc 2 - Various Artists, 1998, $12.99

Another disc of a great combination of artists, sounds, and messages.

Dreamland Dreamland - Robert Miles, 1996, $13.99

Robert uses techno to create stunning compositions. Just take a listen to "Children," it will make you a believer.

Throughout All Time - David Haas, 1999, $13.99

Blest Are They: The Best of David Haas, Vol. 1 - David Haas, 1995, $13.99

You Are Mine You Are Mine: The Best of David Haas, Vol. 2 - David Haas, 1995, $13.99

How Can I Keep From Singing? - David Haas, Marty Haugen, Jeanne Cotter, 1997, $13.99

A live recording by some fantastic artists. Includes a hauntingly beautiful rendition of "Shepherd Me, O God" and Joe Wise's "Take All the Lost Home."

Come and Journey - David Haas, Marty Haugen, Michael Joncas, 1996, $13.99

Anthology I: 1980 - 1984 - Marty Haugen, 1999, $13.99

Instruments of Peace II Instruments of Peace, II - Marty Haugen, Sowah Mensah 1996, $13.99

The Song and the Silence - Marty Haugen, 1999, $13.99

After the Rain - Jeanne Cotter, 1996, $13.99

One of the brilliant works of pianist and composer Jeanne Cotter. Her style is unique and inspiring.


Amber - Solo Piano - Jeanne Cotter, 1998 $15.99

Amber is a powerful collection inspired by the "amber waves of grain" image of the Midwest.  

Diamonds on the Water - Jeanne Cotter, 1999, $17.99

Jeanne's long-awaited pop-vocal debut, Diamonds on the Water is a moving and personal journey into the heart and soul.

Chant - The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos, 1994 $14.99

Titanic Titanic - Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1997, $13.99

This whole soundtrack could be more accurately considered a "Theme and Variations," but still manages to be beautiful and endearing in all its different interpretations of a common melody.


SurfacingSurfacing - Sarah McLachlan, 1997, $13.99

You can feel Sarah's emotion in these songs. "Building A Mystery," "I Love You," "Sweet Surrender," "Angel"....Need I say more?

Fumbling Toward Ecstasy Fumbling Toward Ecstasy - Sarah McLachlan, 1994, $13.99

Spirit Spirit - Jewel, 1998, $13.99

Simple and spirited, this is Jewel at her best.

Pieces of You Pieces of You - Jewel, 1995, $13.99

Jagged Little Pill Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette, 1995, $13.99

Alanis' breakthrough album, packed with chart-toppers like "Head Over Feet" and "Ironic."

Ray of Light Ray of Light - Madonna, 1998, $13.99

Madonna's debut as an enlightened soul. Deep and powerful.

Like A Prayer Like A Prayer - Madonna, 1989, $13.49


I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got - Sinead O'Connor, 1990, $9.94

Little Earthquakes Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos, 1992, $12.99

Unforgettable Fire The Unforgettable Fire - U2, 1984, $11.49

Music to be Born By Music to be Born By - Mickey Hart, The World, 1989, $11.49


Journeying through Pregnancy & Birth
Relaxation & Visualization
Text and Voice by Jennifer Houston, Midwife
Music by Mark Kelso




Music For Healing, Jan 3, 2000, $13.49

Before I Was Born, - David Haas, Jan 11, 2000, $12.99



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