June 2000

     "It was the most amazing coincidence!  Right when I began thinking of him, the phone rang...and it was him!  Isn't that weird?"

    "I was in line at the grocery store and when it came time to pay my bill, I realized I was exactly 82 cents short.  Just as I was about to put back the pretzels, my little boy handed me a fistful of dirty change mixed with lint and sand from his pocket.  I was going to tell him to just keep it because I was sure there couldn't be more than a few cents there.  But, when I took a closer look at the three quarters, nickel, and two pennies, I thought how strange it was for him to have exactly the amount I needed just when I needed it."

    These two examples and hundreds upon hundreds of other stories like them are perfect examples of meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity.  Psychologist Carl Jung was the first to refer to these uncanny events as being "synchronistic."  He saw that the universe responds to thoughts, actions, and needs.  He noticed that experiences which seemed to happen for no apparent reason, yet yielded some amazing results were anything but happenstance.

    The first and only rule of synchronicity, and life in general for that matter, is this: There are no accidents.  Everything that happens to you is for a purpose, both the good and the bad.  All events are brought on by your actions and deeds; by your thoughts and prayers.  Every lesson learned is growth for the soul.  Being reunited with a long lost friend, finding your soulmate, landing the perfect job, locating the ring you lost 25 years ago---these are all things that were meant to be, preordained by the Creator.

    Another aspect of this meaningful coincidence is its place in the practice of divination.  Divination itself refers to an act of God.  Methods of divination, or seeking for meaning via seemingly random events include: Tarot Cards, Numerology, Astrology, I Ching, Runes, Tea Leaf Reading, etc.  Believing that nothing happens without purpose or meaning, particularly if one is attuned to his/her spiritual component, allows the universe to provide answers in a real and meaningful way when one seeks to find those answers with a sincere heart.  Some people will use the Bible in this fashion--praying that God provide the words of comfort for them during a particularly trying time in their life.  They "randomly" open to a page in the Bible, and strikingly, there, before them, are the words of comfort that they really needed to hear just at that moment.  This is really no different than asking God to offer direction in one's life and using the Tarot cards to provide insight.  God does not discriminate in His/Her methods of communication.  All is Holy when sought after with a clean heart and pure spirit.  

    Carl Jung actually did an in-depth analysis of astrology to determine its place in the synchronistic picture.  He found that married couples (he interviewed over 400 couples and had their astrology charts professionally prepared) were far more likely than statistical probability would indicate, to have certain planetary relationships in their astrological charts.  He also noted that many of his patients who exhibited distinct behaviors were found that have indications of that behavior clearly shown in their astrological profiles.  These were not isolated incidents and defied the "natural laws" of probability and statistical analysis.  He termed incidents like these to be a result of an acausal connecting principle.  The word 'synchronicity' was first coined by Jung in 1930.

    To understand synchronicity, one must simply be aware of it.  One must comprehend the saturation of the universe, both seen and unseen, by a Divine presence.  Our faith compels us to believe that there is a force far greater than ourselves which gave rise to All That Is.  We, too, are manifestations of the Divine.  Although we have been given free will, allowing us to choose our actions and beliefs, the universe sometimes will give us gentle reminders that we are not in charge.  Our environments will subtly guide us along the path we should follow.  These events are not by chance.  They are the moments that we least expect, which somehow end up shaping our destiny in profound and lasting ways.  Even the fact that you are here now reading this article was not an accident, it was meant to be.

2000 Jennifer N. Ayers-Gould, Starr-Rhapsody Creations. No part of this article may be printed or copied without written consent from the author.


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