July 2000


Following is a first-hand account of a near-death experience given to me by a friend.  I begin this month's article with his story:

I flatlined 3 times, and I don't remember the first 2 times, but I sure remember the 3rd time.  Well it was when I was having an operation for the removal of a Brown Recluse Spider's bite...and that was 5 weeks after being hit by a car.  Anyway, I had to be operated on for the spider bite and when I was coming out of the anesthesia is when I had the flatlines.   I was allergic to the anesthesia.  It's true that the last sense you lose is your hearing because I can remember hearing the nurse say, "He's flatlined, I need help!"  Then I heard the monitor beep and I went into a panic because I couldn't breathe. But I heard another voice say to me  "Yes you can breathe." Then I remember taking a breath, and realizing that I could breathe. I looked up at the ceiling and it was bubbling ectoplasm.  My spirit sat half-way up and I saw 2 of my friends who died of AIDS standing there.  They were as solid as the physical.  I was there when they both passed over, and we made a vow to be there when we passed over.  So, It was nice to see them.  They didn't speak, but one of them looked and said telepathically, "What are you doing here?" and I knew that I was not meant to be there.  I didn't see a light or a tunnel.  I didn't need that.  I had the knowledge, and that [the light and tunnel] is for those who need that.  It takes a lot of energy for them to do that.  Then I remember taking a breath and then I was back in my body.  It hurt like hell.  I was in a lot of pain.  Then I had a seizure, which now doesn't surprise me.  Yes, it was really painful. You became aware of the physical;  before you were spirit.  You can sense that you don't belong there, but you have the free will, so anything can happen.  I had to go there to learn my lesson;  that I had to do what I know that I had to do: doing God's work; helping AIDS patients cross over; channeling and teaching; to release and not to be the victim, and why I was; to accept my gifts.  This all happened in '93.   I feel wonderful because I know that I am doing what I came here to do.

G. Becker G. Gerald Becker has been practicing the Metaphysical Arts for the past 18 years.  He has been Channeling and Teaching for the past 16 years. He is a member of the Great White Brotherhood, as well as teaching the techniques of the Mystery School of Melchisedech.

As well as channeling the Word, Gerald has recently completed recording a CD of Channeled songs and music, titled "Coming from the Heart".

Most of us believe in the existence of something "beyond" the physical realm of life.  We are convinced that it doesn't end here--that there's more.  What lies beyond the earth plane is largely unknown to us.  We rely on our faith to reassure us that life does not end at death.  We also put hope in the accounts of those who have temporarily passed over and returned to shared their stories.  Tales of near-death experiences bring us comfort and peace, especially to those who have experienced them.  There are, however, those whose experiences of passing over were not peaceful and resemble more of a nightmare than a dream. Those experiences tend to serve as a wake-up call, encouraging the person to make positive changes in their life while they still have the chance.

There are many different descriptions of the hereafter given by both those with firsthand accounts and those who consider themselves experts in the field.  Sylvia Browne, in Adventures of a Psychic,  describes a place of exquisite beauty, classical architecture, libraries, museums, and many opportunities for enrichment and entertainment.  Other researchers and psychics seem to concur with this notion of "heaven."  Psychic George Anderson acknowledges the perpetuity of life in his conversations with those who have passed on.  In the book We Don't Die, he highlights the experiences of those whom he has contacted and their messages for us here today.  They often have messages of hope for their families; a reassurance that they are very much alive and well.  James Van Praagh tells us of the process we undergo when we leave our earthly plane and enter into the state of pure spirit in Reaching to Heaven.  Past life regression hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Brian Weiss, M.D. sheds light on past life experiences as well as the time spent between lives in his books Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real.  

Of the dozens of books I have read on the subject of life after death and reincarnation, there seems to be a common thread in all of them.  The basic story is always the same: at the time of death, the person "lets go" and accepts his or her passing; he/she is overcome with a great sense of peace.  The journey to the "great beyond" can occur in different ways, but all paths seem to lead to the same destination.  The most common vision is that of a dark tunnel with a brilliant white light at the end, toward which the person journeys, sometimes with the help of angels, guides, or deceased relatives.  Upon reaching the light at the end, the person is confronted with an great sense of peace, joy, and love.  There they are greeted by loved ones and welcomed to this place of rest.  Then, the person is brought before a type of council to review the past life and see what went right and what went wrong.  This is where the "judgment" occurs.  However, it is not the council who judges us, it is we who judge ourselves as we see our life before our eyes.  After we have examined our life, we are then given a time of respite where we can live in the blissful existence of pure love in union with God in heaven.  As our spirits evolve, we will no longer have the need to come back to earth to reincarnate and may remain in heaven as a guide or higher being.  Most of us will come back, though, after having enjoyed the other side and being a productive member of the Utopian society for a certain amount of time.  Some people will immediately reincarnate in order to get "back to work" on their souls.  Before we come back, we create a plan or blueprint for our lives, outlining the lessons we want to learn and the experiences we desire to have which will be the most spiritually rewarding and uplifting.  When we are ready, our soul enters into the body of a baby waiting to be born through what some think is the pineal gland, and the cycle repeats.

This is a very general description I have given which is drawn from many hours of study on the subject as well as personal intuition.  There are many gaps in this terse description, though, which people tend to want to know more about, such as: What do we do in heaven?  What does it look like?  What do we look like?  Are we married in heaven?  How old are we?  Do we feel pain?  Is there sickness?  Can we communicate with our loved ones?  I will attempt to offer a brief answer for each of these points.  

In heaven, we are busy nurturing our skills, talents and abilities.  We essentially create our reality and can have anything we desire to have.  Since our will is in union with the will of God, we can cause no harm or evil.  There will be no boredom nor shall there be exhaustion.  The state of euphoria in this place is said to be indescribably wonderful.  Most people appear to be around 30 years of age and if there were physical handicaps or deformities, they cease to exist.  Everyone is healthy and full of vitality.  There is no pain, sickness, or suffering.  We may alter our appearance but may choose to take on the characteristics of our last of our favorite incarnation to make ourselves more recognizable to others.  Communication occurs primarily in the form of thoughts--telepathically.  We may attempt to communicate with our loved ones on earth, but they may not be able to hear us for they are not in tune with our new "frequency."  Also, the element of time is all but gone once we cross over, so we know that we will be reunited with our loved ones very soon and look forward to seeing them again with anticipation, not longing.  We tend to congregate with those whom we have a strong spiritual kinship with.  These people may or may not be our lovers or spouses, but these are our spiritual family members; those with whom we have shared many lifetimes; our soulmates.

To put it simply, heaven is heaven.  The other side is pure love and joy.  Nothing is more beautiful than this place where we can experience the love of God completely.  There should be no fear about this place, but all should look with great hope toward the next life.  We need to complete our tasks here on earth and do our best to create as much joy as we can here.  A wonderful life after life awaits us.  Our task is to do the work of God here on earth in order to receive the rewards of God in heaven.  When our loved ones pass over, we mourn for our own loss and carry with us a profound sense of grief, but we must also remember to rejoice that our beloved have gone to a place where there is no more pain, sorrow, suffering, hatred, or anger.  They are with God and couldn't possibly be happier or in a better place.

2000 Jennifer N. Ayers-Gould, Starr-Rhapsody Creations. No part of this article may be printed or copied without written consent from the author.


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