Let's start at the beginning. I was born on Saturday, October 2nd, 1971 at 6:54pm EDT Deckerville, Michigan. I was adopted shortly after birth. I started out my life in Bay City, Michigan for the first four years before moving to Linwood Beach, Linwood, Michigan where I would remain until I got married at the tender age of 19 on Saturday, December 29, 1990.

On Thursday, March 11, 1993, I welcomed my first child into the world at 12:34pm at Bay Medical Center, Bay City, MI. My second son followed not too long after at 4:19am on Thursday, April 13, 1995 at St. Luke's hospital in Saginaw, MI. Nine years later, my first and only daughter was born at home, unassisted [planned] in the bathtub in the early morning hours of Friday, April 30, 2004. And to keep her company, her brother arrived on Saturday night, June 24, 2006 in the same bathtub, however with the assistance of a homebirth midwife.

Music was a part of my life from my earliest recollections. My dad played the guitar and my mom played the organ. My brother took guitar lessons while I had the "privilege" of learning to play the organ beginning at the age of 5. I continued private lessons through sixth grade, but continued to learn on my own. I also started band in fifth grade, playing the flute. By high school, I was singing in the church choir and playing flute and organ at weekend liturgies. I had aspirations of being a music minister. I graduated from Pinconning Area High School in May, 1989 as salutatorian and I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Performance with a dual focus on flute and voice in December, 1992 from Saginaw Valley State University. I also attended Delta College and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor during my college years.

I got a position as a music minister playing organ, piano and flute, singing and directing the children's choir and teaching music to preschool through fifth grade at Holy Trinity Church and School in July, 1991. I stopped teaching at the school after my children were born so I could stay home with them, but I continued my music ministry until 2006, after my youngest was born, so I could have more freedom with my weekends. During the years, I have also given private music lessons at my home (flute, voice and piano), but my passion is to compose, perform, and just enjoy music.

After my first two children were born in the hospital, I studied all I could about homebirth and midwifery. I joined the Michigan Midwives Association and the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA). I read nearly every book ever published about birth and midwifery and attended many conferences. In hopes of becoming a homebirth midwife, I sought apprenticeships, but none were available in my area. So, in order to learn and work with pregnant women and babies, I decided to go to nursing school in 1996. At the time, the RN program had a two-year waiting list to get in, so I entered the LPN program and took all my RN pre-requisite courses with the intention of getting my degree in practical nursing and then completing a one-year transition program to become a registered nurse. After the two years of schooling to become an LPN, I graduated with my degree in Practical Nursing from Delta College in 1998, and then I got a job at Covenant Hospital in Saginaw working in the postpartum and high-risk maternity areas. I also became a certified childbirth educator through the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA). I loved the opportunity to care for pregnant women and their babies and met a lot of great people. However, hospital birthing practices frustrated me. I could only take so much and could not see going back to nursing school (which was pure hell) anytime soon. Working in the hospital was not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I didn't really have any other options at the time.

In 1995, I had begun learning HTML and writing basic web pages on the free web spaced offered by AOL. It became a hobby of mine and I spent a lot of time creating web pages, learning JavaScript, and building computers. I had learned enough to make several personal web pages and even create an online store. In 2000, I quit my nursing job and pursued employment using my computer skills and found a job with O.J. Advertising, Inc. in Bay City that would allow me to not only perform web design and Internet programming, but do so from home. Plus, it paid more than I was making as a nurse. I worked for O.J. Advertising, Inc. until 2005. I learned a lot, including a mastery of ColdFusion (scripting language) and had the opportunity to create and contribute to websites for many reputable clients. In 2002, I decided to get my degree as a Webmaster from Delta College just so I could have some credentials other than simply my experience. I completed my Webmaster Certificate in 2004, just weeks before my daughter was born.

Today, I work at home as a web designer/Internet programmer and run my own web server. I am also the designated technical support person for my family and friends. Just keeping our home network of PC's up and running is a near-full-time job. In January of 2017, I officially started Starrlight Candle Company where I sell my handcrafted soy candles that I have been making for myself for many years. I also write and perform music whenever I can. Music will always be my passion and my first love. Another interest of mine is running, which I started doing in 2008 at the age of 36. I ran my first 5K in July, 2008 and have run in over 260 races since. I don't always enjoy it, but I know it's good for me, it helps temper my fondness for craft beers, and it is so much fun hanging out with my running friends afterward. I have met some of the most amazing people through running/races. I am a member of the Bay Area Runner's Club (BARC) and the Mid-Michigan Multisport Racing Club. Oh, and I run barefoot (or naked) whenever I can. So if you see a tattooed chick running barefoot at a summertime race, that just might be me.

Other notable fun facts: